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Over 10,000 Firearms Seized in Spain, Bought on the Darknet

Since January 12, the Spanish National Police located in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia and Gerona, along with Europol conducted a nationwide operation to crackdown on the illicit distribution and acquisition of firearms.

Over the past few weeks, investigators of Europol, the European Union (EU)’s law enforcement agency and the Spanish police followed various leads to track down a criminal group that had been selling firearms in a sporting goods store to individuals and large-scale organization.

After obtaining a warrant to search six houses in Bilbao, Cantabria and Geronia, investigators discovered that five individuals were leading the illicit firearms distribution operation which oversaw repairment of firearms, acquisition of weapons such as rifles, anti-aerial machine guns and hand guns and other services that included activating unused or deactivated firearms by replacing dysfunctional components.

“The crime group sold deactivated firearms which did not comply with the existing deactivation standards and life firing firearms in Spain and other European countries. A sizeable amount of these firearms were assault rifles and hand guns, but there were also other weapons such as anti-aerial machine guns. The suspects also sold essential parts and components with the aim of reactivating deactivated firearms.” said Europol.

The criminal group purchased a massive collection of firearms in auctions and from the darknet, to ensure the anonymity of the group and its operation.

Europol and other police departments in Europe such as the Slovenian National Police have been conducting a continent-wide investigation since the crackdown of a darknet-involving case in December of 2016, in which investigators found that two vendors were selling lethal weapons and explosives to individuals all across Europe through the dark web.

In this particular operation, vendors received orders and payments in bitcoin, then shipped weapons across Europe via postal mail, disguising lethal weapons as ordinary packages. After the closure of the Slovenian darknet firearms case, virtually every European law enforcement agency has been looking into the usage of darknet marketplaces in distributing firearms.

Currently, Europol investigators are examining the potential connection between the Spanish criminal group’s illicit firearms operation with terrorist groups in the EU. If investigators find evidences to prove the operation’s association with a terrorist organization, the six individuals alleged for running their firearms distribution center will be faced with harsh legal charges.

During the operation, more than 10,000 firearms were seized and 80,000 euros in cash was confiscated from the group.


  1. fat Aussie bastard

    they bought the guns off the Dark Net….yeh, right!

  2. anyone know the site?


  4. fat Aussie bastard

    fuck and BURN all fckn gun-grabbers!

  5. This sounds total BS. 10,000 guns must be tons of metal. They want us to believe that some group sent thousands of parcels with guns around the world without the customs x-ray machines noticing anything?

  6. Who you can believe ? This site seems to be as mainstream as the shitmedia.

    How many tons of weapons have been made and distributed by so many countries around the world?

    Who is making history, making, selling, and using weapons ?

    How shall we treat that capitalism harm, totally leggit, that causes pain everywhere, suffered mostly by the less resourced “cultures”, lets say poor countries.

    STOP Hypochresi, we know we are controlled, we know who really is writing history, we know who have A LOT, and who HAVE NOTHING.

    Letters written know, a BIG blackout is comming, and im waiting for it.

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